10 Anime For Foodies

Greetings Foodies! Here is a list of 10 anime to check out if you have the munchies.


10) Bartender: So the first one isn’t food per-say… But drinks are a very important of the whole meal! Plus this is one of the more obscure anime and I like to give the folks something new to watch. The show is about a bartender (Sasakura Ryuu) makes the best cocktails anyone has ever tasted while seeking his “Glass of God”. People from all over visit his bar. This bartender fixes out of this world drinks and peoples problems with a listening ear.






9)Muteki Kanban Musume: Miki Onimaru is a girl that works at her mother’s Chinese ramen restaurant. While she seems like a standard teen she is not afraid to get violent when prompted. She is also extremely competitive which comes out when her neighbor and delivery rival from the bakery across the street gets involved. 







8) Cooking Papa: Mr. Araiwa is a model employee in a large enterprise, but puts on a different hat while at home. He is a great cook and lets pass no occasion to prepare delicious dishes for his wife, who is frequently occupied by her work as a journalist, or his young son. He for some reason doesn’t take credit for his cooking and rather have his wife take the praise. Spoiler. She’s a terrible cook.










7) Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie: Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy. FCA is an elite school located in Tokyo’s trendy Aoyama district. As Sayuri pours her heart and soul into making her dream a reality, she encounters many happenings. Which isn’t to bad when surrounded bu charming young men.







6) Koufuku Graffiti: The path to becoming a fine wife begins with being an accomplished cook… At least that is what Ryou Machiko’s late grandmother had told her.  Just when the dejected art student comes to terms with the possibility that she might continue living alone for the rest of her life, her aunt tells her that Kirin Morino—Ryou’s second cousin—will begin staying with her every weekend since the younger girl has joined a cram school in Tokyo and aims to attend the same school as Ryou.





5)Ben-To: April 6th, 2011—that was the day that 15-year-old You Satou was KOed while trying to get a half-priced bento. When Satou wakes up all the bento boxes were gone and he left the supermarket hungry and in pain, only for the same thing to happen the next day. He is then quickly shown the world of Ben-To, discounted bentos are sacred and in order to get one, you needed to fight your way to the top.






4)Moyashimon: Tadayasu is a freshman in college who can see and talk to bacteria and other microscopic organisms. Sounds cool right? well it’s not all fun and games because it gets him into all sorts of trouble.






3)Toriko: In the Gourmet Age happiness is measured by what you eat. People will go to great lengths to procure special ingredients which have the power to turn a nice meal into a heavenly delight. Like any rare treasures, the great rewards come with great risk. Become a hunter and join the adventure!






2)Yakitate!! Japan: Yakitate means “fresh baked”, but the word “Japan” is actually a pun. Pan means bread in Japanese, so Kazuma is out to make Japan, a unique Japanese bread to compete with the best bread from around the world! 






1)Shokugeki no Souma: Souma Yukihira has helped his father by working as the sous chef in the restaurant his father runs and owns. Over the years, Souma developed a passion for giving his customers creative and daring culinary creations. His dream is to someday own his family’s restaurant as the head chef.  However one day his father suddenly decides to close the restaurant to travel and work in restaurants around the world. So he sends Souma to Tootsuki Culinary Academy, an elite cooking school where only 10 percent of the students graduate. 



What did you think of the list? Any anime not on the list that makes your mouth water? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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