10 Cosplayers “Fated” to cosplay Fate/Stay Characters

Something a little new for me (but planning to do more often) is show some great cosplays that I come across. Cosplayers are about as anime as you can get and even though I’m super jealous of them (because I lack the talent and the attention span to make my own) I can’t help but be impressed. I’m posting these in no particular order. So for the first collection I bring you cosplays from the Fate series.


10)Rundevirun as Tosaka Rin
9) CheeryKokiri as Sabor

8) Carlos as Archer

7) Jia Gold Bustamante as Rider

6) Calssara as Nero Saber

5) Byak-Kun as Shiro 

4) Elffi as Gilgamesh

3) Megan Coffey as Alter jeanne d’arc

2) Helly von Valentine as Archer Rin

1) Roadscream as Archer


Make sure to comment and share Fate cosplays/cosplayers that you really like and of course share pics of you in your Fate cosplays!

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