10 Great Americans In Anime

For the month of July, I threw together a list of some of my favorite American charters in anime. This list will show characters that have American origins or are just exploding with the red, white, and blue which were strongly influenced by American culture. With out to much more stalling here’s my list!


10) Revy from Black Lagoon:

Let’s start off with the very beautiful, very violent Chines-American character Revy. She grew up in China Town Manhattan. She is unrivaled with fire arms and won’t hesitate to go for the kill. Also those shorts!












9) Alexandra Garcia from The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays:

Alexandra walks into the list sporting the traditional blond hair, blue eyes, big chest, and overly “friendly” attitude often depicted by American women in anime. Her basketball career included taking her collage team to and winning the national championships. She even had a brief career in the WNBA until she could no longer play do to a mysterious illness which impaired her eye sight.










8) Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing:

I know what you’re thinking. “Wasn’t he born in the space colonies?” Well yes he was. The L2 Colony Cluster to be exact. Well luck for this list and upon further research I learned that those were none other than American colonies! I admit that the pilot of the Deathscythe doesn’t have anything nailing home the american in his charater other than being smooth with the ladies and a little bit of an ego… however, he was my favorite in the Gundam Wing series and fit the theme. So there. ;P













7) Silva from Shaman King:

Silva is one of the patch priests that watched over the fights to determine who will be the next Shaman King. More specifically he watches over Yoh (the mane character) Unlike his co-workers, Silva believes that the priest shouldn’t just watch but, intervene with the fights to prevent the many deaths that they cause. He’s a force to be reckoned with his command over the five totem spirits he controls through his rings.













6)Terryman from Kinnikuman:

Here is another blond haired blue eyed hero from the most American state out there, good old Texas! He is a wrestling superhero from America that fights with many other hero wrestlers to keep the forces of evil at bay. He has many Texas/American themed moves including but, not limited to: The Texas Clover hold, Calf Branding, and the Texas Condor Kick. He also is know for the toe hold which is the special move of the actual American wrestler that he was molded after. If that wasn’t enough he also owns a ranch and a monster killing six shooter.













5) Bandit Keith from Yu-Gi-Oh!:

A professional Duel Monsters player who seems to pick the wrong enemies.  Had a humiliating defeat to Maximilian Pegasus before becoming what can only be described as a bully on Dullest Island and losing to Joey. If you had any doubt of his nationality just look at his bandanna.  I’d write more on him but, there’s nothing I can say that the memes can’t say better. Look them up. Spoiler alert: AMERICA!!!











4) Franky “Cutty Flam” from One Piece:

You read it correctly! The Franky from the One Piece. Not that it wasn’t obvious but, it was confirmed that Franky was inspired by Americans. Besides being manly and bad-ass he has many other traits that are clear American born. Starting with the fact that he runs on cola, to his original hair and clothes being modeled after Ace from the Pet Detective, and continuing to his Popeye’d shaped arms. He was even shown Sporting the flag in one of his disguises.












3)  All Might from Hero Academia:

While All Might himself is Japanese his image sure is American. The big blond hair aside, his uniform sports the American colors and is modeled after classic American super heroes. The name of some of his techniques are Detroit Smash, Texas Smash, and even United States Smash. While he may not have been born here he definitely gives off the American spirit.










2)Chibodee Crocket from G Gundam:

Two Gundam characters in one list? Yep! Sue me. It is just really hard to out American Mr. Crocket. He is the pilot/fighter for Neo America and the show that put the leader of space up as a prize for winning a world wide martial arts tournament using giant robots. His colony is fashioned with a replica of lady liberty her self. His mobile suit comes equipped with a surf board, football helmet, two six shooter, and football shoulder pads that double as boxing gloves. He is surrounded by beautiful women which I’m told is an American stereotype. I’m even throwing out his fear of clowns too. I feel most of us can relate to that.











1) John Omaha from Air Gear:

I really can’t say much. They strait up put Obama in their manga under the name John Omaha. I call America! on that.
















There are many other great Americans in anime history. Make sure you comment your favorite ones below and remember. We are all star dust.

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