10 Cosplayers “Fated” to cosplay Fate/Stay Characters

By RBadorrek | August 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Something a little new for me (but planning to do more often) is show some great cosplays that I come across. Cosplayers are about as anime as you can get and even though I’m super jealous of them (because I lack the talent and the attention span to make my own) I can’t help but…

10 Anime For Foodies

By RBadorrek | August 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

Greetings Foodies! Here is a list of 10 anime to check out if you have the munchies.   10) Bartender: So the first one isn’t food per-say… But drinks are a very important of the whole meal! Plus this is one of the more obscure anime and I like to give the folks something new to…

Best Idol Boys! Review: Uta no Prince-sama

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Title: Uta no Prince-sama (UtaPri) Number of seasons: 4 Number of episodes per season: 13 Genre: Music, Comedy, Reverse Harem, School, Drama Hate boy bands? That’s okay, I hate them too. But I LOVE this show. Two years ago I thought I was fangirl trash after watching Noragami and having my first OTP (Yatori), but…

Alderamin on the Sky Season One Anime Review

By DMelin77 | July 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fans have been raving about Alderamin on the Sky since the release of the first light novel in 2012.  Originally titled Nejimaki Seirei Senki:  Tenkyo no Aruderamin, the series were written by Uno Bokuto and illustrated by Sanba Sou received much hype, and would eventually go on to receive a manga as well as the anime adaptation….

D.Gray-Man chapter review 225: Searching for A.W- Call 2.

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D.gray-man is one of my all time favorite series, ever since I watched the first episode of the anime so many years ago. I then went on to read the manga. even with all the waiting and confusion I still love this series, and now after another long wait we finally have chapter 225 of…

10 Great Americans In Anime

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For the month of July, I threw together a list of some of my favorite American charters in anime. This list will show characters that have American origins or are just exploding with the red, white, and blue which were strongly influenced by American culture. With out to much more stalling here’s my list!  …

Finding Yourself: “Inside Mari” Manga Review

By Kiira | July 5, 2017 | 0 Comments

Who am I? Who are You?  A male waking up in a female body, or the idea of two characters switching bodies, is not a rare plot setting for anime and manga. Many series take a more comedic approach to the idea of switching bodies, such as Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Kokoro Connect, or…

“I Ruined Everything…” Introducing My Mom Into Anime – Part 2

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In my last article, I ended by telling you all that my mom starting gaining interest in watching anime. (For a refresher, here is part 1: https://www.usanimedirect.com/ruined-everything-introducing-mom-anime-part-1/) Between watching cosplay on Syfy and me writing a long story for Durarara!!, I could tell my mom was eventually pushed until she finally said: Yes. (Sounds kind…

Dragon Ball: The Good, The Bad, And The Bad To Good

By DMelin77 | June 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Dragon Ball is without question a smashing hit of a franchise that remains a wonder to the world.     Being one of the most popular manga and animes to date, the series has gained a cult following.  It started in 1984 with the first release of the manga, and also in 1986 with the…

10 Anime Dads to (Maybe) Adore!

By Kiira | June 18, 2017 | 1 Comment

Happy Father’s Day! Let’s not forget some of the awesome (and maybe not-so-awesome) dads we find in anime.   1. Joichiro Yukihira (Shokugeki no Soma) “Listen well, Soma, the secret to becoming a great chef is… meeting a woman that will make you want to give all the food you make to her.”   2….