Best Idol Boys! Review: Uta no Prince-sama

Title: Uta no Prince-sama (UtaPri)

Number of seasons: 4

Number of episodes per season: 13

Genre: Music, Comedy, Reverse Harem, School, Drama

Hate boy bands? That’s okay, I hate them too.

But I LOVE this show.

Two years ago I thought I was fangirl trash after watching Noragami and having my first OTP (Yatori), but a few months later Uta no Prince-sama came into my life and I haven’t been the same ever since…

Uta no Prince-sama, or “UtaPri” for short, is about a girl named Haruka Nanami, who attends the Saotome Academy for gifted music students (of course they’re gifted). She’s placed in a mixed class of people: those who wish to write music, composers like her, and those who wish to become idols. In the very first episode, she meets six, incredibly handsome men, who wish to be idols. Throughout the show, she gets paired up with all six in different situations; be it for class assignments or helping each other with a problem.

Our heroine, Haruka Nanami

We learn that at the end of the semester she must team up with a prospective idol for their final exam of a musical debut. The catch? “Love is forbidden!!”

…Of course it’s forbidden. *rolls eyes* However, handsome anime guys will always do what they want.~


This anime is quite different than I expected it to be. For one thing, the show is rather stupidly ridiculous and cheesy. However, it’s done so well that you can tell it is most likely on purpose to laugh at itself and the reverse-harem genre. “This is so stupid! Why do I like it so much???” I would ask myself with a laugh as I clicked to watch the next episode. But the reason the show is actually good is because although it’s about music and the idol boys, there are many heartwarming, dramatic, and comedic moments. Aside from the great comedy, my favorite moments from the show were ones where the characters were vulnerable and going through real struggles.

Shinomiya Natsuki accidentally glomps Ittoki Otoya

I will say, however, that it seems the story quality goes down in seasons two and three. It’s as if the story gets more ridiculous, but in a stupid way (rather than a humorous way; which is what makes the show enjoyable). I suppose the reason is that so much can be done with the plot concept given, and unfortunately, things get a little repetitive. On a positive note, the story definitely picks up again in the fourth and final season. It is much better, a lot like the first season, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.






The animation in this anime is executed extremely well, and everything is beautiful to look at. There is a large color palette the show uses. Most of the series it bright, reflecting the usual joy of the characters. Speaking of the characters, they are designed with a lot of detail; especially in their hair and outfits. The overall style is pleasing as well.

Amazing detail and color throughout the show. (Left to right: Tokiya, Otoya, Natsuki, Syo, Masato, Ren)


This show is all about music, and it’s wonderful. Most of the time, the background music is simple and/or classical in style and typically features the piano. It adds a nice layer to the scenes without being too distracting. While the background music is nice, what makes the show are the idols. Someone sings at least once in every episode, but it never gets to be too much to handle. Once reason it might not get tiresome is because every song is great. Some are not as good, but it is only a small handful out of all 52 episodes (over 4 seasons).

I will briefly touch on the openings and endings; only to prevent myself from fangirling too much. *cough* The endings, at least for the first two seasons, are extremely addicting. I catch myself singing them almost every single week since I started watching this series two years ago. Even the final season’s ending song is very well done and quite fun. The interesting thing about the UtaPri series, is that the ending becomes the opening during the first episode for each season. Although the endings are great, they actually spoil the end of the season. However, even though you know the final outcome, it actually doesn’t take much away from the experience of their journey.

Tokiya Ichinose (Left) and Jinguji Ren (Right)


“It’s raining men. Hallelujah, it’s raining men!”

That is definitely the best way to describe this anime. Everywhere you look, MEN. Good looking ones, too.

I’ll never forget when my mom first watched this with me (my second go at it) and when Jinguji Ren appeared up close for the first time, mom blurted “He’s hot!”

Well, she’s not wrong… (Although Tokya is best.)

I mean, that’s what we’re here for, right? But honestly, that’s only half true.

A lot of times the characters are really relatable. They each definitely go through some very real and tough struggles. There is also some nice character development, especially in Haruka and in a few of the main boys. Even some of the side characters grow and earn more facets themselves.

Although I personally didn’t care for Haruka the first time I watched UtaPri, I did come to respect her more upon the second watch. She is supposed to be generic and/or simple because this was originally a video game. However, she stands stronger and changes more than other girls I’ve seen in a lot of anime. I only get annoyed most when she’s completely dense, but, honestly, that helps prevent romance; which allows the story to be at the forefront and a balanced focus between the guys.

Otoya helps Nanami in episode 1


I would say that this is a perfect leisure anime. You can stick it on and relax. Granted it is only subbed, but 95% of the time everyone talks rather slowly, so there is no need to pause to read or read fast. Plus, when someone starts to sing, it’s not necessary to follow the words. For these reasons, I would highly recommend this as an anime for newcomers. It’s a great way to help people get used to reading subtitles. It was even my mom’s first subtitled show. In addition, I would even say that guys would enjoy this show as well. For one reason, there really isn’t any fanservice, as it focuses on the characters and their struggles to become professionals. Even a good guy friend of mine, enjoys the show and cosplays from it.



I hope you all enjoyed this review, and that you are encouraged to give this show a try too. We need more fans! Let me know what you think about these boys. Do you like them already? You going to give them a chance?

Have a great day! Lates peeps~


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