10 Great Americans In Anime

For the month of July, I threw together a list of some of my favorite American charters in anime. This list will show characters that have American origins or are just exploding with the red, white, and blue which were strongly influenced by American culture. With out to much more stalling here’s my list!  …


Animazement 2017: Living Up to its Name!

North Carolina Doesn’t Mess Around!    Raleigh, North Carolina is home to 20 year old Animazement. Though I wasn’t able to arrive at the convention until Saturday, I still felt like I had enough fun to fill up an entire weekend! Badge pick up at Animazement this year was one the easiest registration experiences I have…


More Yu-Gi-Oh Anime News!!!

Hey, everyone! Over the course of the past week, there has been more information released about the new anime to come out in the Spring. The official title for the 6th installment is Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains! Yu-gi-oh Vrains is set in a world where V.R. (virtual reality) exists within dueling, and our protagonist Yusaku goes through duels on…