Colossalcon 2017: Starting your Summer with a Splash

June started off with what can only be described as every anime beach episode come to life, and it’s name was, Colossalcon.

Colossalcon is a northeast regional Japanese animation convention that kicks off your summer with a splash and some good ol’ fashioned fun in the sun. This year the convention ran from June 1st-4th at The Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio, as it has in previous years.

I had the pleasure of attending this year marking it as my sixth year of attendance since 2011 having only missed 2013’s show. Attendance was booming as it has been in previous years, and while the numbers couldn’t be found online I can easily estimate it surpassed last years event. Just when you think more people couldn’t possibly attend this packed up convention it proves you wrong.

While registration wasn’t difficult to find for me I could see where newcomers may have needed some help finding it. Con Ops thankfully is close by and easily accessible for questions or help. Lines were kept moving and registration was quick to get you in and out. Pricing also was decent and had options for those attending one or all four days. It’s always a positive in my book if registration is quick and to the point.

Nerds for miles

Colossalcon featured an extensive list of guests this year with popular names like Johnny Yong Bosch, Vic Mignogna, Samurai Dan, and the Triforce Quartet attending. Lines were full for those seeking autographs, and panel rooms looked to be packed with the diverse schedule Colossalcon brought to the table.

Parking was chaotic, to say the least, but with this being my sixth year I’ve learned to expect this. I stayed in a hotel off site about 10 minutes away but with the hassles of parking, it made it an easily 30 minutes or more before I could actually make it inside. This the convention’s fault or The Kalahari’s fault since they’re managing with an event that’s popular beyond words and working with what they’ve got. I did see some people be rude to the staff trying to handle and maintain the parking, and that was a bit frustrating for me as it just made for unneeded stress on everyone.

cosplay waifu theawakened

Attendees overall seemed to be having a blast drinking, mingling, and meeting fresh new faces as they roamed the convention center, outdoor water park, and indoor water park. I personally cosplayed, walked about, mingled, checked out some of the restaurants, and played it up in the amazing arcade.

The Dealers room was one of my main focuses, and the most popular thing seemed to be these Pokemon loaf-bread looking plushies. I am torn to pieces I could not obtain the large cyndaquil one if I had to be completely honest. When I mean I was torn to pieces I’m pretty sure every dealer hates me for literally just walked up and asking if they had it in stock. It was a goal, a life mission, and physical necessity for me to obtain it, and sadly it was not meant to be. The dealers room wasn’t super spectacular but it was decent even if the only thing I managed to obtain and lose my mind over with the baby chocobo plushie that I literally hyperventilated over when it caught my eye. I didn’t know walking in I needed this in my life but man did I need it.


I. needed. it. #heavybreathing

The only thing I didn’t find was an Asuna figure from Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale. I found Kirito a couple times but wanted to buy them simultaneously.

Maybe I came to late? Maybe I didn’t. I don’t know but that was really the only sad panda moment I can think of all weekend.

The food was decent, and drinks were at the top of their game as usual, and even when the bartender messed up my order he was super chill and fixed it while I watched him run like he was in search of salt after his candle blew out during a play of The Midnight Game (you get 50 points if you get the reference. . . if not you need to frequent Creepypasta more).

All around I didn’t have any real complaints legitimately. Colossalcon is my getaway vacation from my normal conventions where I’m packed with photoshoots, and massive cosplay switches. I use this con specifically as a vacation and only do a set mount of cosplay to enjoy all the sun and fun this convention offers.

I raise the con a drink for keeping this fun, exciting, and entertaining for my sixth year in a row.

Keep doing what you do best Colossalcon~

Another successful Colossalcon has come to a conclusion

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