D.Gray-Man chapter review 225: Searching for A.W- Call 2.

D.gray-man is one of my all time favorite series, ever since I watched the first episode of the anime so many years ago. I then went on to read the manga. even with all the waiting and confusion I still love this series, and now after another long wait we finally have chapter 225 of D.gray-man.  So lets get on to my review of it!
-Spoilers ahead-

first off the first thing I checked was how many pages there were. I was very happy to see it was more then eight! The chapter starts off with the noahs and how they have captured Apocryphos. then we move on to speaking about Lavi and bookman. After waiting so long we finally got some information about those two! I’ve been so worried for them.
Then there goes The millennium Earl/Mana being pulled away from Nea. after many chapters of it being just those two they are split apart and the story is moving forward. Now one of the Noah’s is talking and offering Nea or as he says “the traitor 14th’ to come eat with the family. Nea is not amused. the next panels are of Link in a fight and if I’m honest I almost forgot who he was fighting.  It has been such a long while. the fight quickly ends because the Noah just wanted the Earl free. back to Nea who is now very irritated by being called the 14th, he starts to unleash Allen walkers powers. Apparently he plans to use them!

How would that even work? Which is exactly what Link worried about as well. very worried. Nea wants to inform Joyd that he is not the 14th. he is Neah Campbell and he obviously doesn’t consider them allies. Also saying to the noah that his ‘reincarnated form is laughable” leaving the noah very confused and me very intrigued. I love the art on page 17 of Joyd. half of him is his normal looks and the other half is very much.. well.. not. Did what Nea said bring back memories? will we get to look more into that? maybe one day.

anyways everyone is in a panic because Nea is using Allen’s innocence and could turn into a fallen one or who knows what will  happen! Link tries to stop him as someone calls out the name “Allen”. Yes! call for Allen! I miss him. Who said it? Johnny! he arrives on the scene. still calling for Allen. only to see the golden eyes of a noah. and becoming heartbroken. luckily Johnny was released and soon we see Allen Walker reacting to Johnny’s call.
The last few pages is Allen falling off the building and Johnny jumping for him. I do think there were one too many panels just for johnny and Allen falling but it was beautifully drawn.    Allen’s innocence activates to save johnny and fully awakens him.   The last page has a  sweet moment between Allen  and johnny reuniting! that made me happy to see. Then we see Link from above. what’s he gonna do?
I guess we won’t find out until the next chapter!

I’m so very happy Hoshino is still trying hard and releasing new chapters for this amazing series! it’s still moving forward. just very slowly. the last few years since it’s come back it has been on the same scene in the same location, but one thing I like about this chapter is it had progression. or at least the start of progression. Allen is finally back and it appears the story will move onto a new scene. Maybe soon we’ll even get to see Kanda again! it sure has been a long time.  Either way it won’t be awhile until we see if it progresses or not. Hopefully it will just be a three month wait and not any  longer!

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