D.Gray-man Chapter review:226 Live man+dead man.

At last another chapter of D.Gray-man, and a great one to boot! Buckle in and let me tell you why I think this particular chapter was so great!

*****Spoilers ahead*****

For starters we have Allen remembering what Cross said to him, and him remembering the order trying to help him fight for his body. It’s been probably years since I’ve seen a new page with characters such as Lenalee and the order in it so it was very touching to see them. Allen then really wakes to see Johnny leaping towards him! so sweet Allen finally awakens to reality again!! What fan wouldn’t be happy about this!

Tykki Comes over and a little humor ensues while a fight breaks out when -Kanda-or Tiedoll arrives onto the scene to take Tykki out.  The artwork of the fight is outstanding, and I love how fast this chapter seems to be moving compared to the more recent ones! finally some action and progression. Then a sad little moment when Allen wants to call Tim because last I remembered poor Tim died. It’ll be quite sad when Allen finds out about that.

Next, we see Allen still struggling with being back as the ground shaking all around. What could this be?!? A horse and carriage rises from the ground? awesome! Allen and Johnny are obviously flipped out. The order has captured Allen. He can’t go back to the order. Then it cuts to A Noah planning on exposing Nea D Campbell and tearing his relationship apart with Millennium Earl. Honestly, I didn’t really remember what this scene was all about, but that’s probably because this Manga isn’t released so often. Back to Allen and Johnny trying to escape from the carriage, but they can’t do anything to get out. Allen mentions the mansion he needs to get back to. I’m very curious to what that’ll be about, but we probably won’t find out for a very long time. The curtains then open and there is Kanda and Tiedoll. Now two things about this last page. One I was so excited because I love Kanda and I have waited years to see him back in action!! two what does this mean? Did Kanda decide to betray Allen and become a general? Is Tiedoll helping Allen? or is Kanda playing Tiedoll to really help Allen?

Ah, Finally a chapter that makes you ask questions without being in complete confusion! Very enjoyable read and I can’t wait for the next one! literally the 3 or more month wait might just kill me.

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