Dragon Ball Super Review; Addiction level over 9000!

After many years Dragon Ball finally came back out with a new anime in 2015 called Dragon Ball Super! I’m a little late in watching and reviewing it but here I go anyways!

possible spoilers ahead

Not long ago I started watching Dragon Ball Super and couldn’t turn it off. I’m all caught up as of now and a bit sad I have no more to binge now. I really enjoy this show but at first, I wasn’t so keen. I was comparing the fights and such to the movies they made of the same content. Beerus vs Goku and Golden Frieza. I still feel I enjoyed Goku vs Beerus Sama in the movies, but none the less after a few episodes I warmed up and after another 100 I was super for super!

Starting with the fight with Beerus Sama and many others they all seemed to take a long time to start and then at times really dragged on. I wasted surprised by this as I felt the old series used to do this as well. kinda felt right. Once the real climax to the fights began I feel they were all really well done and exciting. at times when I feel they are using the same tropes and same old things at every fight, they seem to realize it too and throw it some jokes. such as the waiting for the smoke to part and revealing the enemy is just fine, but instead, they had Vegeta run into the smoke while saying “I know you aren’t hurt”. Not just that but just when I think how can any enemy go against Goku the show is dead now. I am made to realize I am very wrong and it becomes exciting all over again.

The storyline I feel can sometimes become a little silly, but that’s okay. It doesn’t need to be serious all the time to be a good show. The Black Goku and Trunks storyline I honestly started to lose interest in after a while. After all the mystery behind Black Goku I felt a little let down on the reveal. Also Zamasu I really felt was annoying. He talked to much and lasted too long. just go away, dude. no one likes you. Thank goodness for Zen Chan.

I love the character progression in this show. Especially for Beerus Sama. watching him be severely feared to being yelled at by Bulma is wonderful. He just takes it and is very relaxed with everyone on earth. Goku really knows how to change people. Of course, Goku himself never changes. He gets me wondering lately with all the danger to the earth and universe he’s caused is he really our hero? Ah, he tries. sorta. Now seeing Vegeta grow into the caring man that he is makes me happy. Look at him caring for his family and the protection on the earth while also trying to beat Goku. I mean if it’s anything he’s definitely beat Goku at being a better husband. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Gohan now that he’s finally decided to fight again. I didn’t think they would do that for him.

The animation is easy on the eyes and beautiful at times. With the fights it’s fast, it’s exciting, colorful, and epic. From Super Saiyan God to Blue it’s really lovely to look at. The characters look better then ever before as well. My favorite boys as a child are now even better to gaze at every night. From the fighting in space to the lovely scenery on earth I don’t have any issues on the animation.

My only issues is the fillers can be pretty..not good, but that being said every anime like this has fillers and there is normally way more of them so not a big complaint here. As long as they keep the fillers short and sweet I’ll be happy.
One last admiration is for the openings and endings. I enjoy how the openings fit perfectly for the show and I can’t stop humming the openings or endings all day.


Now after writing all this I really want to go watch more, Sadly I can’t. until the next new episode!

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