Fairy Tail Chapter Review: 540 Harmony

With only six chapters left until Fairy Tail is officially over, I figured it was time to do a review for this beloved series. This chapter really jumped out at me. I have many things I’d like to say about it, and the series as a whole, but lets just start with this chapter called “Harmony” for now.

Minor Spoilers ahead

The story starts with Acnologia and Natsu standing face to face. it takes Natsu a few moments to realize who he’s facing off with. Acnologia starts to reveal his plan to Natsu (of course typical bad guy thing to do) Natsu then see’s all the Dragon slayers above him trapped within the ravines of time by Acnologia.

Meanwhile outside in Magnolia Acnologia’s body which is apparently separated from his soul, has gone out of control and is about to destroy the town. Erza gains her nakama spirit and gathers everyone to chase after the dragon. Not before of course Ichiya and Anna come back from the ravines. Which serves as no purpose to the story. Why get rid of these characters just to bring them back within a few chapters? This is slightly disappointing.
Erza then meets up with Lucy, Gray, And happy to inform them Natsu in still alive and to believe in the Dragon slayers. As another character reveals themselves to still be alive, which is happy for Erza, but disappointing to me. They band together to form a plan to save Magnolia. Fairy Tail Spirit!

Back in the Ravines of time, Wendy breaks free, as do all the other slayers! Nothing surprising here, but hype is built. Acnoligia plans to destroy all slayers, with his new ultimate powers he received from eating the Ravines of time. His soul cannot withstand all his new power so he needs the dragon slayers magic to circulate through the Ravines of time and  stabilize his magic in order to  receive harmony. I think it’s a good little twist to the story. I mean it’s obvious yet I still didn’t expect Acnologia to devour the ravines of time. I thought he was a goner.
The last page is of all seven dragon slayers standing tall and mighty together against Acnologia. I must say I’m really hopeful for this fight. As I was very disappointed in the Fight with Zeref Vs Natsu. It was very quick and not much to it. After many years and build up I am expecting an amazing, flaming, explosive all out shattering fight to the death here. I mean I think it’s only fair. If Fairy Tail is going to go out, please go out with a bang! We all know how it will end, they’ll win, but make it like old times. Make it amazing, Mashima, Please.

I’d also like to commend the art this chapter. It looks beautiful. It really takes you into the Ravines of time and what it looks and feels like. it’s not scratchy or hard to see. I like the tones in this chapter.
Overall I say this chapter was good. Other then characters coming back, that shouldn’t have. It built up excitement, had fine art, and a plot that made sense. 7/10.


Now we wait until next Saturday.

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