So let me tell you about a manga: Franken Fran

So people, I don’t know how to begin this one without immediately telling you it is a horror manga, it is messed up. So now onto talking about this series.

Franken Fran is a completed series originally released in Japan and released in english by Seven Seas Entertainment. Billed as a comedy horror manga each chapter contains about a whole contained story that is influenced by the protagonist, Fran Madaraki, in a sort of monkey’s paw sort of way. How does she do this you may ask and the answer is surgery, skill, and being the creation/daughter of a highly skilled WW2 mad scientist, oh and the body modifications (as shown in the image provided of Fran with multiple arms). Each chapter is usually not focused on Fran, and contain things like a dog brain in a middle-aged man body, being hunted by a shape-shifting monster lady, a Caterpillar girl, a cockroach based crime fighter, the bandaged woman organ bank, a police detective clone woman/army, the flesh and blood mascots and that’s only the things I can remember.

 This is a complicated one, showing images from the manga is tough because there is so much blood, horror, and gore. At the same time, I have to mention there is not really a central plot and many things in this manga still disturb me to this day. So let me end this, at 8 volumes long (Four 2-in-1 volumes as released by seven seas) it can be finished in about a week. In that week will you be entertained? Well if you can stomach or even enjoy horror manga then Franken Fran can be for you.

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