So let me tell you about a manga: Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (I’m a spider, so what?)

“Can A Spider be best girl?”   That is was the manga “Kumo desu ga, nani ka?” wants to answer.

So let me tell you about this manga, this an ongoing series based on an online novel of the same name. It’s of the fantasy genre where the protagonist wakes up in another world but instead of being the hero, their former O.P. player character, or something along those lines. Instead of being lucky enough to be one of those, our heroine wakes up as a basic spider-like creature.

Our heroine, who is known as Kumoko,  finds herself in a cave/dungeon/bad place all around and needs to survive. This literally done by defeating other monsters she encounters and leveling up. By using the all the powers of being a spider and her mind, she must use to get the upper hand on her fellow monsters, gain levels, evolve, and eat.

Why would she be best girl you’re asking yourself “would she be best girl?” Well as best as we can tell Kumiko is alone in being aware of the situation, But She won’t let that keep her down! It’s that sort of spirit you have to cheer on.

That’s right, this manga will have you rooting for the spider. Through all of the laziness, cunning, flaws, and fantasizing about being stronger. Kumoko fights the likes of dragons, other spiders, frogs, monkey monsters and many other fantasy troupe creatures to at least find out some answers of her existence.

Plus gets some sweet powers for her troubles.

So Go ahead and read “Kumo desu ga, nani ka?” and find out why this spider is best girl.

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