No Game No Life Zero – Movie Review

Disclaimer? I don’t rate things out of 10.

No Game No Life – Background

For those who don’t know what No Game No Life is, it’s a story about a stepbrother and sister getting transported to a world where everything is dictated by games….and how to cheat the rules. The god of this world (of which I will talk about later) allows you to challenge him to a game where the winner will be the next god(s)? I would go into more detail but the show doesn’t have any real bearing on the movie, which is great as the average anime fan or moviegoer can pick up this movie without needing a lot of backstory!


The movie takes place 6000 years before the show, where things are very very bad if you’re a human, and you guessed it one of the main characters is human. His name is Riku and he leads the last of humans in a war with 4 other races the Flügel, the elves, the dwarves, and the ex machina  for the title of One True God and all the power to rule Disboard. One day on a scouting mission he comes across one of the other races an android that just so happened to have wiped his hometown off the map when he was a kid, her name is Shuvi and you guessed she’s the other main character and she goes on to explain that she wants to understand how the human heart works because it’s the key to ending the war. From there plot ensues, bonds are formed and other side characters play their roles.

This movie is not the hero’s journey, we learn rather quickly Riku is the protagonist but he isn’t exactly the good guy, he has good intentions and wants the best for the last of his people but he’s in a losing situation where winning the war is a less nil, however, having Shuvi with him brings things from 0 to less than 1. After some more bonding and awkward sexual misunderstanding we learn the baseline of Shuvi’s plan to learn about the heart, then report that information but to the hive mind, that she cut herself out of. Learning this Riku gets mad then Shuvi reassures him that she is on his side by telling him she loves him, which should be impossible since she’s a machine, which means she’s starting to understand the heart, more plot happens and we hit the start of the climax Riku an Shuvi learn the “main god races” each have an ultimate attack…without ruining the plot and because I haven’t gotten to the spoiler sections yet  (Spoilers Ahead) Riku and Shuvi learn what is needed to get the title of One true God, which would fix everything (oh by the way Riku is slowly dying and Shuvi has been having a lot of logic errors messing with her system) more plot happens and everything that is needed for the one true god to appear happens and they are named and, set the 10 rules of Disboard and the world starts to shift and each race gets their race piece.

Now from all this, the plot is kinda meh but I cut out so much stuff because all the little side things make the characters who they are should be watched. So if you’re reading this to figure out if you want to go watch, just go watch however you can…I won’t say it’s the best thing ever since it’s not. does it answer some questions yes yes it does,  does it leave with more question yes it does that too. But that’s a good thing because it makes you want to know more things, and that’s what a good story should do.


SPOILERS but also things I did and didn’t like and other random stuff I don’t know where to put

Ok first off  I’m like 60% sure the fact that Sora and Riku are kingdom hearts references since the sora and Riku in kingdom hearts are a light dark reference. It also a little annoying that Riku and Shuvi swapped hair colors with Sora and Shiro but I’m just nitpicking at this point.

The score to this movie was amazing, I don’t know all the technical stuff about music but every piece fit its mood perfectly and the few times there was no music which was a little eerie oddly enough fit in just fine. So after I get done with this I’m going to go find the soundtrack and bitch about how there isn’t a release date for the blu ray.

Tet kind of pissed me off, I know he’s an observer in all this but how he came into being is a little odd. Basically, Riku wished Tet into being making him an Old dues then the one true god after for touches the sun cup he had ZERO involvement in the war but was the one that ended it which is cool but if Riku hadn’t thought up Tet what would have happened when Riku touched the cup and died?

So the movie looked and sounded amazing (it was made by Madhouse) the plot felt a little lacking since its an adaptation of a book, would I recommend this to a friend…yea … but would I suggest this to someone just getting into anime…probably not, my taste in things is very varied so parts I enjoyed not everyone will, that’s to be expected though. It fucking pisses me off that, they ended the movie with the ending scene from the show.

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