Season Spotlight: Eromanga Sensei

It wasn’t too long ago that we were enjoying 2010’s breakthrough and suggestive anime, Oreimo—a story of a good-looking, popular model/little sister who just so happened to fall into Otaku hobbies. Oreimo’s creator, Tsukasa Fushimi, has a new anime adaptation currently airing that keep the little sister themes going strong, Eromanga Sensei!

A Sister to Support! 


Sagiri rarely leaves her room.

Masamune Izumi is a high schooler who has a side job writing light novels, and in the last few years his work has become quite popular. When Masamune’s father has a second marriage, not only does he get a new mother, but also an adorable little sister named Sagiri. Masamune is excited to become a big brother, but Sagiri gets taken in the hikkikomori lifestyle and doesn’t leave her room for over an entire year. Sagiri’s isolation does not stop Masamune from wanting to be the best big brother, as he always cooks her meals and provides for her needs. Meanwhile, Masamune continues his work writing light novels, along with some help from his illustrator who goes under the name “Eromanga Sensei” due to interest in lewd artwork. An accident happens during one of Eromanga Sensei’s drawing live-streams one day, and it is revealed that Masamune’s little sister has been the artist of his work this whole time! Through this discovery, Masamune tries to grow closer to his little sister to get her to open up and leave her room more often.

Sagiri isn’t exactly as sweet as she appears.

If you’ve seen Eromanga Sensei’s sister (no pun intended) anime, Oreimo, then you might have an idea what to expect from the show. It’s full of no holds barred sexual jokes and ridiculous characters that say the most unexpected things. While I can’t say it’s as much of an acid trip type show like Tatami Galaxy, you’ll still be pausing your stream and saying “did that really just happen?”. I remember this exact moment happening to me in episode two when one of Sagiri’s schoolmates looks Masamune in the eyes and straight-faced says, “Dicks. I love them!” Don’t believe this is an actual line in the show? You’ll just have to watch to believe. So far, the show doesn’t seem to have any kind of tangible plot line, but I personally find myself not caring because of how funny the scenes and characters are. The only kinds of goals set by the characters in the anime is for Masamune to get his sister out of her hikkikomori lifestyle and to become the best novelist he can be. The rest of the show falls back into slice of life tropes.

Masamune, Tomoe, and Megumi at the local manga shop.

One of my favorite things about watching Eromanga Sensei is the amount of anime Easter eggs you can find throughout the series. If you look at the screenshot above, you can see a cover from Toradora. I’ve also seen Sword Art Online and Yostuba references. The show unsurprisingly makes references to its spiritual predecessor, Oreimo, a few times—one of the most obvious ones being Sagiri’s Meruru mask. In one of the newer episodes, Kuroneko from Oreimo even makes an appearance! Even if you get fed up with the de-railed story, hardcore anime fans will enjoy these mentions.

When alone, Sagiri is an energetic and excited girl.

The character designs in this anime really stand out to me, but I think it’s due to Hiro Kanzaki’s art style (which we also find in Oreimo and Classroom Crisis). The opening and ending theme are a joy to listen to, but nothing super special stands out as far as the anime’s background music. Overall, the only reason I believe I’m into this anime is because of how cute Sagiri is and just because I’ve been a huge Oreimo fan for so long. I can’t exactly recommend this to anyone who wasn’t a fan of Oreimo due to the shows’ similarities, and I’ll even admit that so far I’ve liked Eromanga Sensei’s predecessor better. With mind-boggling jokes and characters, the show might be worth checking out a couple episodes, but I still think it’s just the desert after the meal that was Oreimo.

You can watch Eromanga Sensei on Crunchyroll!


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