Our Top 5 2016 Summer Anime

Over a week ago, US Anime Direct took a poll on what our reader’s favorite anime of the summer season was! Well… here are YOUR top 5 results!

5. 91 Days


Anime’s much needed historical drama, also animated by Durarara’s Shuka.


4. Mob Psycho 100 


Don’t let the art fool you; From the creator of One Punch Man, comes this summer’s most hype supernatural comedy.


3. Orange


This show truly sticks to what it means to be a shōjo. Cheesy, sad, overly dramatic? Orange doesn’t disappoint.


2. Food Wars: The Second Plate 


Food Wars’ second season taking the cake (heh heh) on second place is no surprise. What else do you need besides great looking food, and fan service?

1. Re:Zero


Is this really any surprise? I mean, with a show with Rem and Ram in it… what can go wrong? We will remember Re:Zero for years to come.

You can watch all the anime listed above on Crunchyroll!


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